#OptimAIzer is a solution in the field of artificial intelligence built with the aim to reduce waiting time and delays in such industries like road management companies, sports and event centers, hypermarket, food stores and production facilities.

Road management

OptimAIzer was successfully tested in the field of road and toll management. Our solution provide reliable results он the follwoing:

  • – delay and congestion predictions,
  • – prediction of traffic indications and
  • – optimisation of traffic channels and toll operations.

In other words, in short period road management companies can get intell which toll ramp should be open, which service (cash, card, tag or other) should be offered and how current personnel should be organised in order to provide the desired service. This way, in comparison with the current operational strategy, lower operating costs are achieved.

Sports and event centers

One of the examples in this field is implementation of the OptimAIzer solution in ski centers. Research provided information and predictions how to reduce expected waiting time on various ski lifts, which optimal speed of ski lifts should be implemented and how to form a most efficient ski-pass or ski-ticket.

FCMG and Hypermarkets

One of the possible field of implementation of OptimAIzer is the field of hypermarkets and foods and beverage industry overall, in which this AI solution could provide:

  • – predictions of number of customers per defined time interval,
  • – suggestions on optimisation of POS channels and
  • – sales forecasts per article or group of article.

So how it works?

For the purpose of this platform, model is developed using Reinforcment learning with point process, and our proprietary algorithm have roots in Gaussian Random Field for Binary Classification (GRFBC) model. This AI solutions is a result of joint work of our research team and collegaues/researchers from University of Belgrade.

Finally, what are the benefits of implementing OptimAIzer ?

The following benefits could be achieved:

  • – Less delay
  • – Less congestion
  • – Higher customer satisfaction rate
  • – Higher level of user security
  • – Security of information remains on same level
  • – Lower running costs
  • – Sales optimisation per product and product range
  • – Optimisation of supply chain channels

OptimAIzer: less waiting, less delay, more fun !

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